OMC Cobra Sterndrive Parts

We have thousands of engine parts for OMC Cobra sterndrive engines. Save yourself money and time by sure by picking up the right engine manual too. If you can't find the part your are looking for, be sure to call us toll-free at 1-800-914-1123. We pride ourselves in giving great customer service. We also have OMC outboard parts.


Parts Listed by System:

Electrical System (5 charts)

Fuel System (4 charts) Encompasses parts that help deliver fuel to the engine - such as fuel lines, carburetors, filters, and pumps.

Internal Engine System (4 charts) Encompasses major internal components - such as pistons, crankshaft and connecting rod.

Cooling System (3 charts) Encompasses parts that keep the engine cooled - such as thermostat, pump kits, and impellers.

Drive System (3 charts) Encompasses parts that guide and direct the engine in its forward motion - such as clutch, prop hardware, and drive shaft.

Ignition System (2 charts)

Exhaust System (1 chart)

We recommend that you get an omc sterndrive repair manual as it could save you a lot of money on repairs and maintenance!
For those who need to get back on the water quickly we have a great selection of sterndrive motors.