Mercruiser Sterndrive Engine Parts

We have thousands of engine parts for Mercruiser sterndrive boat motors. Save yourself time and money by picking up the right engine repair manual. Proper maintenance can save you plenty of money and increase your fun on the water. If you don't see the part you need, simply call us toll-free at 1-800-914-1123.

These charts help you select the right part: Mercruiser Parts Charts

Mercruiser Manuals

Electrical System

(electrical part charts) - parts that modulate, transfer or supply electricity to needed components.
Starter Motors
starter brush set
Starter Brush Kits
starter solenoid
Starter Solenoids
fuse kit
Fuse Kits
voltage regulator
Voltage Regulators
alternator rebuild kits

Alternator Rebuild Kits
alternator conversion kit
Alternator Conversion Kit
alternator bracket
Alternator Brackets

Multi-Meter/DVA Testers
tilt trim motor
Tilt & Trim Motors
tilt trim repair kit
Tilt & Trim Motor
Repair Kits
tilt trim reservoir
Tilt & Trim Reservoir
trim brush sets
Power Trim Brush Kit

Ignition System

(ignition system charts) - parts to get your engine started.
distributor caps
Distributor Caps
distributor cap gaskets
Distributor Cap Gaskets
ignition coil
Ignition Coils
spark plug
Spark Plugs
spark plug wire
Spark Plug Wires
tune up kit
Tune-Up Kits
contact sets
Contact Sets
electronic conversion kit
Electronic Conversion Kits
switch box
Switch Boxes
ignition module
Ignition Modules
ignition sensor
Ignition Sensors
pick up coil sensor
Pick-Up Coil Sensors
knock sensor
Knock Sensors

Cooling System

(cooling part charts) - parts that help keep the engine cool.
water pump exploded view
Water Pump Exploded View
water pump
Water Pumps /
Water Pump Repair Kits
impeller kit

Impellers /
Impeller Repair Kits
water pump housing
Water Pump Housings
insert cup
Insert Cups
water intake hoses

Water Intake Hoses
water tube guide
Water Tube Guides
manifold exploded view
Exhaust Manifold Exploded View
exhaust manifold
Exhaust Manifolds /
Manifold Kits
exhaust manifold block off plate

Exhaust Manifold Block Off Plates
exhaust manifold end cap
Exhaust Manifold End Caps
drain tap
Drain Taps /
Drain Cocks
drain plug

Drain Plugs
water shutters

Water Shutters
thermostat kit

Thermostats /
Thermostat Kits
thermostat housing
Thermostat Housings
water temperature senders
Water Temperature Senders
oil pressure sender
Oil Pressure Senders
molded hose

Molded Hoses
v belt / serpentine belt
V-Belts /
Serpentine Belts
motor flusher
Motor Flushers

Fuel System

(fuel system charts) - parts that help supply fuel to your engine.
fuel tank

Fuel Tanks
fuel pump
Fuel Pumps
carburetor kit
Carburetor Kits
remanufactured carburetor
Remanufactured Carburetors
carburetor float

Carburetor Floats
carburetor gasket
Carburetor Gaskets
fuel water seperator
Fuel Water Separators
fuel filter
Fuel Filters
fuel line hose
Fuel Lines
idle air control motor

Idle Air Control Motors
fuel pressure regulator
Fuel Pressure Regulators
flame arrestor

Flame Arrestors
fuel injectors
Fuel Injectors
fuel injector seal kits
Fuel Injector Seal Kits
pcv valve
PCV Valves
choke thermostat
Choke Thermostats
throttle position sensor
Throttle Position Sensors
map sensor
Map Sensors

Drive System

(drive system part charts) - parts that guide and direct the engine in its forward motion.
lower unit exploded view
Lower Unit Exploded Views
lower unit

Lower Units
lower unit housing
Lower Unit Housings
lower unit seal kit

Lower Unit Seal Kits
complete upper units
Upper Units /
Upper Unit Housings
upper unit seal kit

Upper Unit Seal Kits
gear set

Gears /
Gear Sets
gear repair kit

Upper Unit Gear Repair Kits


u-joint bellows
U Joint Bellows
shift cable kit
Shift Cables /
Shift Cable Kits
shift cable bellows
Shift Cable Bellows
exhaust bellows
Exhaust Bellows and Tubes
exhaust boot

Exhaust Boots
bellows adhesive

Bellows Adhesive
transom seal kit

Transom Seal Kits
Anodes /
Trim Tabs
engine coupler
Engine Couplers
drain plug

Drain Plugs
oil seals
Oil Seals
prop shaft

Prop Shafts
drive shaft

Drive Shafts

Internal Engine System

(internal engine system part charts) - parts to keep your engine running.
cylinder head assembly

Cylinder Head Assemblies
Pistons and Rings
head gasket set
Head Gaskets /
Gasket Sets
short block gasket set
Short Block Gasket Sets
valve grind gasket set

Valve Grind Kits
engine mount bolt kit
Engine Mount Bolt Kits
hydraulic lifter
Hydraulic Lifters

timing chain kit

Timing Chain Kits
timing chain gasket set
Timing Chain Gasket Sets
oil pan

Oil Pans
oil pan gasket set

Oil Pan Gasket Sets
valve cover gasket

Valve Cover Gasket Sets
rod bearings
Rod Bearings
main bearings
Main Bearings
cam bearings

Cam Bearings
welch plugs
Welch Plugs
freeze plug
Freeze Plugs

Oil & Lubrication

engine oil
oil filter
Oil Filters
oil filter
Oil Filters
oil filter wrench
Filter Wrench
spline grease

Spline Grease
gear lube
Gear Lube


boat prop
Mercruiser Props
boat propeller
All Props
prop nut kit

Prop Nut Kits
thrust washer
Thrust Washers /
Tab Washers
prop nut
Prop Nuts
prop wrench

Prop Wrench
prop shaft

Propeller Shafts


All Gauges
gauge sets
Gauge Sets
boat speedometer
boat tachometer
boat fuel gauge
Fuel Gauges
digital gauges
Digital Gauges

Steering and Control

boat steering wheel
Steering Wheels
hydrauling steering
Hydraulic Steering
boat control
Engine Controls
control cables
Control Cables
steering helm
Steering Helms
rack and pinion steering
Rack & Pinion Steering
steering cable
Steering Cables
hynautic steering
Hynautic Steering Accessories

Steering and Control Accessories

outboard engine bracket
remote troll
Remote Troll
trim tabs
Trim Tabs
hydrofoil stabilizer

Trim & Tilt

tilt and trim motor
Tilt & Trim Motors
tilt and trim motor repair kits
Tilt & Trim Motor Repair Kits
power trim cylinder

Power Trim Cylinders
trim cylinder repair kits
Trim Cylinder Repair Kits
trim cylinder end caps
Trim Cylinder End Caps
power trim seal kit

Power Trim Seal Kits
power trim hose

Power Trim Hoses