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About the Suzuki company:
The Suzuki company was started 90 years ago by Michio Suzuki, in the small village of Hamamatsu, Japan based on a desire to build a better weaving loom. After 30 years of building complex machinery, Suzuki wanted to diversify and decided on building small cars.

The small car project, however, was halted when the government declared them to be a non-essential commodity and Suzuki reverted back to the production of weaving looms. In the 1951, the cotton market in the US collapsed and adversely affecting cotton exports to Japan.

Suzuki once again considered an inexpensive mode of transportation for citizens and designed a motorized bicycle, called the Power Free. The motor bicycle was so ingenious the government granted Suzuki financial subsidy to continue engineering research and the future of Suzuki was set.

In 1963, Suzuki brought it's motorcycle to the USA and by 1970 had established a strong reputation for a tough, high-performance road machine.

In 1977 Suzuki took to the water and formed a company to market it's line of outboard motors, introducing many technological breakthroughs such as oil injection, dual-plug heads and a computerized control system for optimal engine timing.

Suzuki continues today as a leader in the outboard motor industry and has grown into a world wide company.


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