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About the Mercury company:
E.C. 'Carl' Kiekhaefer, a native Wisconsonite, who was interested in farm machinery, attended a trade school specializing in practical and automotive electricity. He also had the desire to own his own shop. In 1938, the Cedarburg Wisconsin plant, which made outboard motors, was about to fold. With financial assistance from his father and some townspeople, Carl Kiekhaefer purchased the factory and began deciding what to produce.

To satisfy his curiosity, Carl Kiekhaefer made modifications to the inventory of engines received with the newly acquired company. These engine were quickly commissioned by Montgomery Ward. Production began and they were off to a good start with the new models taking their name Mercury from Roman mythology. In 1941, the war and shortage of materials nearly halted and inventories were depleted by 1942.

The Kiekhaefer Corporation redirected it's efforts to defense contracts, designing and building lightweight engines for chainsaws, compressors, generators, etc. The defense contracts allowed over 4 years of research and development in the field of 2 cycle engine technology, so when peacetime returned in 1945, the Kiekhaefer Corporation was ready with the 1946 model year Mercury.

Late 1940's progress necessitated more space for the Kiekhaefer Corp and a new manufacturing facility was established at a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, dairy farm which eventually became the Kiekhaefer Corporations main headquarters.

Competition was keen between the Kiekhaefer Corp and Evinrude/Johnson through the years resulting in numerous improvements and models, with the honor of holding the outboard speed record being help by Mercury into the 1960s.

Kiekhaefer decided to merge his company with Brunswick Corp in 1961. This brought extra fiscal power to Mercury but left it's iron willed founder in an environment where he no longer called the shots and in 1970, Carl Kiekhaefer left what once was his organization. He then started a company called Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors. He passed away in 1983

Brunswick's methodical promotion was very successful for Mercury, who remains an industry leader today.

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