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1997-1999 Mercury and Mariner Outboard Powerhead, 175HP, V6 Cylinder, Rebuilt

1997-1999 Mercury and Mariner Outboard Powerhead, 175HP, V6 Cylinder, Rebuilt
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*Core Deposit:
Warranty Summary: 1 year limited warranty USA only
*Refunds are issued within 30 days of the receipt of your core return.
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Rebuilt Outboard Powerhead Details
Manufacturer: Mercury and Mariner Cylinders: V6
Year: 1997 Liters/CID:
Horsepower: 175
Condition: Rebuilt Outboard Powerhead
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty USA only

We have been rebuilding and remanufacturing outboard powerheads and gearcases along with sterndrives and sterndrive engines for 20 years. My father started this business in 1980. Since that time, we have been growing every year and improving our products along the way. We currently are capable of remanufacturing outboard powerheads from 20HP through 300HP , and rebuilding sterndrive engines from standard 4cyl. engines through 600HP supercharged V8's. Our primary focus is outboard powerhead remanufacturing.

1Year Warranty


  1. Vendor 1 warranties each remanufactured powerhead (not those made for high-performance purposes) sold by Vendor 1 to be free from defects in material or workmanship.
  2. The warranty shall remain in effect for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  3. This warranty does not cover normally worn parts, adjustments, tune-ups or damage caused by: A) Neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation or improper installation or service; B) Operation with fuels, oils or lubricants which are not suitable for use with the products; C) Participating in or preparing for racing or other competitive activities or operating with a racing type or modified lower unit; D) Alteration or removal of parts; or E) Water entering engine cylinder(s) through exhaust system or carburetor(s), or fuel injection system.
  4. Vendor 1's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing a defective part, or refunding purchase price, or at Vendor 1's option, replacing such part or parts with remanufactured parts as to remedy defects in material or workmanship as covered in this warranty. The repair or replacement of parts or the performance of service, under this warranty does not extend the period of warranty beyond the original expiration date.
  5. Claims shall be made under this warranty by delivering the product directly to Vendor 1. Purchaser shall pay for all related transportation charges and/or travel time. If the service is not covered under this warranty, purchaser shall pay for all labor and material, and any other expense associated with that service. Any product shipped to Vendor 1 for inspection must be shipped with the transportation charges prepaid. The purchaser must provide a valid invoice stating the product purchased, and date of purchase for all warranty claims.
  6. This warranty will not apply to: A) Haul-out, launch, towing and storage charges, telephone, rental charges of any type, inconvenience, loss of time, income, or any other consequential damages; or B) Removal and/or replacement of boat partitions or material because of boat design for necessary access to the product.
In the event the vendor or manufacturer is no longer in business, the warranty provided by the supplier will be voided and not covered by iboats, inc.



  • Cores need to be returned in the original packaging, damage to cores during shipment caused by improper packaging will be cause for forfeiture of core credit.
  • All cores need to be returned within 30 days of the date on the invoice to receive credit.
  • All cores must be returned complete AND ASSEMBLED, any missing parts will be charged against core credit. IF CORE IS SHIPPED DISASSEMBLED, CORE CREDIT WILL NOT BE ISSUED!
  • Cores that are returned must match part number sent, substitutions are not acceptable and will be returned to you freight collect.

Core Valuation Calculator

Core value is subject to evaluation upon receipt of core. The deductions for core damage are as follows:
  • Deduct 75% of maximum core value if the cylinder block is cracked or ventilated
  • Deduct 50% of maximum core value if the powerhead has ingested water and/or hydrolocked.
  • Deduct 25% of maximum core value if the core is incomplete.
  • Estimated core credit*

Core must be returned assembled, if the core is received unassembled core credit will not be issued.
*only one deduction will apply- the maximum. We will not double deduct for additional damage.

Breakdown of Parts New OEM Original Manufacturer Other
Block & Crank Case   *
Cylinder Head(s)   *
Cylinder Head Bolts   *
Intake Covers  
Exhaust Covers   *
Top Main End Cap   *
Bottom Main End Cap   *
Crank Shaft Assembly   *
Main Bearings   *
Rod Bearings  
Rod Cages  
Connecting Rods with Caps  
Pistons   *
Piston Rings   *
Wrist Pin Bearings  
Gaskets Set  

Part Notes

Top Main End Cap
Used Replacement: If end cap is damaged new OEM is used for replacement.
Rod Cages
Used Replacement: "Connecting Rods are inspected for bearing surface damage, any damaged rods are scrapped, and replaced with new OEM. Connecting rod caps are matched to the rods and the rod bolts are replaced with new OEM."
Cylinder Head Bolts
Used Replacement: Ultrasonically cleaned and reused.
Bottom Main End Cap
Used Replacement: "All crankshafts are inspected for cracks and bearing surface damage, if any damage is found the crankshaft is scrapped and replaced with new OEM. When the crankshafts pass inspection they are cleaned and polished and new oil gears are Installed. No repaired or rebuilt crankshafts are used."
Connecting Rods with Caps
Used Replacement: "All pistons are de-carbonized by hand and Inspected for damage, any damaged piston. are replaced with new OEM. All oversize pistons are OEM."
Wrist Pin Bearings
New OEM:
Block & Crank Case
Used Replacement: "Cylinder heads are cleaned and inspected for damage, all damaged cylinder heads are scrapped and replaced with new OEM. All undamaged cylinder heads are used over again."
Intake Covers
Used Replacement: Ultrasonically cleaned and reused.
Block & Crank Case
Used Replacement: "Cylinder blocks and crankcase covers are visually inspected for cracks, if any cracks are found, the cylinder blocks and crankcase covers are scrapped. After crack inspection the cylinder bores are measured for distortion, if possible all cylinder bores will be diamond honed to original bore size. When the cylinder bores cannot be cleaned up at standard size they are machined oversize if possible. If and when the cylinder bores cannot be bored oversize the cylinder sleeve is replaced and the cylinder bore is brought back to standard bore size. The cylinder blocks and crankcase covers are then ultrasonically cleaned to remove all carbon and machining honing residue."
Exhaust Covers
Used Replacement: If end cap is damaged new OEM is used for replacement.


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